The International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA) is concerned with the understanding and knowledge of the study of the magnetic and electrical properties of the Sun, Earth and other planetary bodies. It encourages free exchange of scientific information and facilitates international collaborations in research. IAGA invites scientists from all over the globe to participate in the Association's activities. 

This blog hopes to promote the work done by the IAGA community. It also aims to portray the life of its researchers. The IAGA Blogs are maintained by the Communications and Networking (ComNet) Working Group, which is a part of the Interdivisional Commission on Education and Outreach (ICEO). The ComNet group aims to provide an easily accessible platform for news and information and create awareness within and outside the community. It acts as a bridge connecting the scientists and their research with the general public. 



Hannah Rogers is a postdoc on the GRACEFUL ERC grant and is based at ISTerre in Grenoble (France). Previously, she was a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. Her research focuses on using satellite data to investigate flows on the surface of the outer core of Earth and is particularly interested in the regional influence of features at the base of the mantle. She mainly oversees the IAGA Twitter account and can be contacted via e-mail here.


Shivangi Sharan is a research associate at Imperial College London, working on planning the research that will be carried out using the JUICE magnetometer data. She completed her PhD in the Laboratory of Planetology and Geosciences in Nantes, France. Her doctoral research was on the study of the interior of Mars and Jupiter using their magnetic fields. She is an active member of the IAGA Blog Team and can be contacted via e-mail here. 


Katia Jasbinschek Pinheiro is a researcher from Observatório Nacional, Brazil. Her research focuses on magnetic observatories and abrupt geomagnetic field changes in the core. She is active in film making as well as producing short movies and documentaries for the IAGA social media channels. She can be contacted via email here.

Sarasija Sanaka is a third year PhD student at the Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Science in Poland. Her research focuses on Investigation of Source effects in transfer functions extracted from long-term magnetotelluric data. She is an active member of the IAGA social media team and oversees Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and can be contacted via email here.

Tereza Kameníková is a final year masters student at Charles University in the Czech republic. Previously graduated second masters at the Lancaster University in the UK. Her research focuses on Milankovitch cyclicity and previously on paleomagnetic stratigraphy in Lower Carboniferous. She mainly oversees the IAGA Instagram and Facebook account and can be contacted via e-mail here.

If you are passionate about science and its outreach and would like to join us, please contact us.

The blogs are the opinions of the individuals and does not necessarily represent the views of IAGA.