WDC archive - Preservation of Old data

In 2020, the World Data Centers for Solid Earth Physics and Solar‐Terrestrial Physics (Moscow, Russia) continued the work on the “Preservation of Old Data” project, aimed at digitizing analog data from observatories into electronic documents by in‐line scanning. 




The data of the 8 ionospheric stations (43,500 documents) were transferred to a digital form. This includes the results of a vertical sounding of the ionosphere (tables and graphs of hourly mean values of the ionospheric parameters), measurements of absorption, ionospheric winds, atmospheric radio noise, parameters of electronic density of the ionosphere. 



Digital documents have been verified and edited. For the data in PDF format, the catalog and metadata have been compiled, a data archive has been formed and published on the website. The data archive for the hourly average values of the elements of the geomagnetic field, recorded by the former USSR observatories from 1957 to the beginning of the 90s, that had been previously fully scanned and translated into PDF files, has undergone verification process and editing. 

In 2020, 82 annual datasets of 4 observatories were checked, edited and added to the archive. Currently the time tables of the 26 observatories containing hourly average values of the elements of the geomagnetic field are ready and located in the WDC archive.

Contributed by the Chair of the Interdivisional Commission on History, Dr. Anatoly Soloviev, from the Geophysical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. The Commission encourages historical geophysical research and preservation of IAGA's history.


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