Q&A with IAGA!

All your questions about how IAGA works answered in this blog!

Where does IAGA get its funding from?

IAGA is a non-governmental body that is part of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG). The IUGG has 58 regular and 15 associate member countries that pay subscriptions to it. This fee is used to fund the 8 organisations of IUGG, IAGA being one of them. Click here to know the process if your country would like to join IUGG.

How does IAGA appoint representatives?

On behalf of the Member Countries, IAGA is administered by an Executive Body that is elected by a Nominating Committee, following the by-laws mentioned here. Each country has a National Correspondent nominated by the national bodies. The Chief Delegates may vote on all matters. Officers normally serve 4 years (some 8 years). They preside over one IAGA and one IUGG General Meeting.

Can an Early Career Researcher be part of IAGA?

Any researcher can be a part of IAGA. There are no membership fees or formality to participate in the activities of the organisations. IAGA welcomes scientists from all over the world to take part in the Associations' events as well as scientific information exchange.

Can an Early Career Researcher be a representative of any IAGA Committee?

There are Early Career Liaison Representatives for each Division as well as Commission. Most of the ECRs are elected for this position. However, there are no age limits determined for other positions, which makes it possible for ECRs to represent IAGA in them as well. They may also act as National Correspondents of their country. To know more, they can contact the present Correspondents. The list can be found on this website under the 'Administration' tab.

Who do I contact if I have something (good/bad) to say/ask about the workings in my country?

You can contact your National Correspondents for any issue in your country. You may also contact the Executive Body for any details you might need or questions you might have. You can contact the Division members specifically if your query is related to it. You can find the contact information of all IAGA position holders here.


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