IUGG Outreach Project

The International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) has a Grants Program that gives the applicant ample funds to work towards expanding the reach of the association and encourage Early Career Researchers (ECRs). The IUGG comprises of 8 different associations, IAGA being one of them. The applicants submit their application via the Secretary General (SG) of their association.

This year one of the grants has been awarded to IAGA! The proposal was submitted by Katia Pinheiro via our SG Monika Korte. Katia is part of the IAGA social media team and directs videos about researchers. She recently was part of two other outreach projects. She submitted a movie about the geomagnetic field in the UNESCO Earth's Film Festival. Her movie 'Magnetic Mosaic' has been selected as the Top 3 in the category 'Women in Geoscience'. You can know more about it from our previous blog here. The other project is still in progress about short movies for school kids.


The selected IUGG project will include a documentary and short movies connecting a variety of subjects under the 8 associations. The documentary will be about the structure and science of IUGG while the short movies will contain interviews of ECRs. We are still looking for ECRs from the different IUGG associations and would welcome any recommendations or suggestions for the same. The priority will be given to women and researchers from developing countries. 

We hope to reach a wide audience through this initiative. The aim is to spread scientific knowledge to the general public. We hope it would also strengthen the networking between the different IUGG associations, especially for the upcoming researchers. The project would be interdisciplinary since the associations cover a wide range of topics like geosciences, atmospheric and hydrological sciences among many others.

The videos will be broadcasted in the next IUGG General Assembly in Berlin in July 2023 and will be made available on IAGA's social media channels. Don't forget to follow us there!


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