Outreach Grant Calls

If you are a scientist interested in outreach work, there are two open calls you can apply for funding!

1) IUGG Grants Program 2024-2027 

Proposals will be funded for 1-2 years with topics pertaining to geosciences. You need to contact the Secretary General of the association you belong to under IUGG and have the support of another association. In addition, there must be a supporting applicant in the proposal. You can apply for a funding of maximum USD 20,000. For more information, visit the webpage here.

2) IAGA Outreach Projects

You can now also submit proposals for IAGA science outreach to the Executive body. The project can be awarded for a maximum of EUR 5,000 and can last up to 2 years. A wide variety of projects can be applied for, however, only one project will be selected each year in June. To learn more about the funding opportunity and project proposal, click here.

You can visit our older blogs under the blog series section 'Outreach Projects' to learn about previous outreach projects that were awarded by the 2 grants.


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