Summer School Lectures

IAGA organises a summer school every alternate year along with the conference. The IAGA summer school 2021 was conducted online one week before the IAGA General Assembly 2021 in August. The students got hands-on experience, albeit virtually, as well as theoretical lectures, on various topics pertaining to earth and space magnetism.

Most of these lectures are now available online with DOIs! Anyone interested to learn more about magnetism is welcome to have a look. Early career scientists as well as magnetism students can gain a lot of information from these lectures by renowned scientists in the field. These videos are also available for download on the ERDA (Earth Reference Data and Models) platform.

The videos/presentations that are available now are-

Observational Geomagnetism by David Kerridge

Geomagnetic Modelling by David Kerridge

Magnetospheric Physics by Yoshizumi Miyoshi

Paleomagnetism by Julie Carlut

Data Assimilation by Alexandre Fournier

Discovering the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere by Eliah Sao Sabbas

FAIRIES by Eliah Sao Sabbas

Electromagnetism by Stephan Thiel

Hopefully, these videos will give an idea about the summer schools and more and more students will get interested in pursuing this field. 


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