Code for writing an Academic Article

start writing; 

revision_new = 0;


    {  revision_old = revision_new;

        if  ( (mind == full) || (mind == blocked) )    procrastinate ++;

        prepare draft;

        send to co-authors;

        address all comments and revise;

        revision_new = revise; 

    } while  (revision_new < satisfied);

submit paper;

for  (paper = submit; paper <= final; paper ++)

    {  paper submitted in journal;

        editor assigned;

        if  ( paper == rejected ) 

            printf ("\n The paper was rejected. Revise and submit to another journal. \n"); 

        else if  ( paper == passed to reviewers )

            { wait for eternity;

               address reviewer1;

               address reviewer2;

               don't hate reviewers; address reviewer3;

               revise for the billionth time;

               submit paper; 

               if  ( paper == still rejected ) 

                    printf ("\n The paper was rejected. Add more data, revise and submit to another journal. Try not to overthink about your life and curse your luck. \n");


               else if  ( paper == accepted )

                    wait for eternity;

                       pay fees to publish your own work;

                       printf("\n Celebrate. Go back to work on another paper. \n");  }

    } }

Shivangi Sharan is a second year PhD student at the Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics in France. Her research focusses on the study of the magnetic field of Mars and to infer its internal structure from it. She is an active member of the IAGA Blog Team and can be contacted via e-mail here.




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