Space News

Let's have a glance at the upcoming Space missions' news!

In 2024, there are some milestones to be achieved for different Space missions. 

Find a sneak peak below.

1) Intuitive Machines 1 - NASA lunar lander launch in mid-February

2) Chang'e 6 - Chinese lunar sample return mission launch in May

3) Bepi Colombo - ESA mission fourth and fifth Mercury flyby on September 5 and December 2

4) Martian Moon eXploration - JAXA Phobos sample return launch in September

5) Europa Clipper - NASA Jupiter orbiter launch in October

6) Hera - ESA asteroids mission launch in October

7) VIPER - NASA lunar lander launch in November

Source: NASA

Image Credit: ESA- D. Ducros 


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