Survey on researchers’ conference expectations – share your own perspective

Are you a researcher planning to attend scientific conferences? Please consider participating in and distributing the survey linked below on researchers' expectations of conferences.

We researchers regularly attend conferences and consider them important for exchanging scientific knowledge, building professional networks, and advancing our academic careers. There is a small but growing body of literature that examines the factors that motivate researchers to attend conferences and the needs of conference attendees. However, previous research focused mainly on specific conference settings, countries, and scientific disciplines. There is a lack of research examining researchers’ expectations of conferences more broadly. To contribute to closing this research gap, I, Ariane Wenger – doctoral student at ETH Zurich – am conducting a short (10 minutes) online survey as part of my dissertation on changing research exchange practices. The survey is aimed at researchers of all scientific disciplines and career stages who are planning to attend scientific conferences. In particular, I am interested to include opinions and views of researchers from all around the world!

Your participation in this survey will not only enrich this study, but will also help to identify avenues for enhancing current conference practices, benefiting the wider academic community. If you are willing to share your opinion on conferences, please complete the survey here:

Thank you very much for your contribution!

The survey is conducted by Ariane Wenger, a doctoral student at the Transdisciplinarity Lab (TdLab), Department of Environmental Systems Sciences (D-USYS), ETH Zurich, Switzerland. In case of questions or comments, feel free to contact her via e-mail:


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